Best Tips for Gas Water Heater Repair at Home

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A gas water heater will work by burning natural gas to heat and warm the water up in the tank. The water warms up depending on the level of the thermostat set. When you face some problems with your gas water heater, it is better to take a look at some tips for gas water heater repair below.

Fixing Water Heater No Hot Water

How to fix a gas water heater that is not working will be different from an electric water heater. You may check the pilot light and thermocouple. Find a further explanation about all of those ways in the following paragraphs.

  • Checking the Pilot Light

If you find your gas water heater is not working, the problem may be in its pilot light. Located at the bottom of your water heater, you can relight the pilot light. When the pilot light still goes after you hold the gas control knob for about 30 seconds, there is a problem with the thermocouple.

  • Identify the Thermocouple

Identifying the thermocouple becomes the next thing you could do for the gas water heater repair step. The thermocouple itself is a wire with a copper color that will keep the pilot light aflame. If you find a problem with the thermocouple, you could clean the electrical area. Make sure you shut off the water heater and wear the safety equipment before starting cleaning.

gas water heater repair

Besides cleaning the dirt on the thermocouple, you also need to adjust the thermocouple wire when it is needed. Somehow, the thermocouple wire that is too fat from the pilot light can cause the pilot light cannot to work well.

  • Replacing the Thermocouple

After you clean and adjust the thermocouple but there is no difference, you may need to replace the thermocouple in your gas water heater. This water heater repair cost is inexpensive because you can find affordable thermocouples at online stores.

Gas Water Heater Not Turning On

What will you do when you find that your gas water heater cannot turn on? You do not need to get panic. You need to check the water heater first, especially when your water heater is old enough. Besides, the rusty water and insufficient water supply can be another reason for the problem.

  • Checking the Supply of the Gas

When you find that your gas water heater cannot turn on, you must check the supply of gas first. For the propane tank, you need to make sure that the tank is not empty. Also, make sure that all valves in the heater and the gas source are on.

  • Turning On the Pilot Light

You may find that the pilot light on the water heater is off, so you must turn it on. However, if the pilot light cannot turn on, you need to check the thermocouple. There is a possibility that the thermocouple in your water heater got some problems and needs to be replaced.

After doing all the tips above and you still find problems with your water heater, it is time for you to get a new water heater. Somehow, when you do a gas water heater repair too many times will cost you as same as a new water heater price.