Several Options of Temporary Fix for Leaking Roof

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Let’s say, you are planning on throwing a party in your house then it suddenly starts to rain. While you are having fun with the guests, it begins to drip-drip-drip, well the fun will be gone. Not only you will be busy to place some container on the floor, but your party invitees will also no longer find the event great. They may even start to think about going home. Find out below what you can do as a temporary fix for leaking roof.

First of all, we should agree that a leaking roof isn’t a joke whatsoever. In fact, we can even say that it is a urgency to seal that off. It’s that oftentimes we are too busy to seal the leak, which lead us to a bigger leaking spot.

The damage of letting the leak occurring for too long is no joke as well. Your roof is more prone to a bigger damage if you are neglecting the leak. Why so? The wet roof will make the structures worsen; hence it can no longer hold the structure nicely. Your roof structure will also be weathered.

Another reason is that you can risk your health by letting the roof problem to persists. Mold can start to grow on the timber products constructing your roof. If this happens for a long time, you may end up having respiratory problems.

So, what you can use in order to make temporary fix for leaking roof? You can have several materials to fix the leak temporarily it in this following explanation.

Use a tarp

Although this needs you to get on the roof to install it, tarp can be an effective solution to avoid the leak. Plus, when the leak occurs not only in one spot, tarp can help you to become a temporary roofer, protecting your house from raindrops.

Several Options of Temporary Fix for Leaking Roof

Despite the quick installation, you may risk the aesthetics of your house to be ruined. Even so, it’s better if you are considering the benefits over the drawbacks.


Getting some cement, silicone, or sealant

Another solution you can try is by getting silicone, cement, or any sealant. To do this, you can run to the nearest hardware store and get your product there. Then, find the leaking spot and apply the product there.

Please note this solution will only work if the leak is only happening in a small area. If it is too big, consider getting the tarp as it’d be easier to do.


Another thing you should consider is that the leaking condition itself. According to sources, silicone and cement will work best if the leaking spot is dry already. If not, consider getting a rubber-based product to seal the leaking spot.


Replacing the shingles

If you are not in a hurry, consider getting the shingles re-done. This may require a handyman to do so, but if you’re OK doing that yourself, simply go with that.

This applies as a temporary fix since you still have the under-shingle-structures to get fixed as well. Remember, if your roof structure is not dry, it may risk the moisture-related problems to occur.

So, those are what you can take as temporary fix for leaking roof. Which one of those methods that you’ll implement?