Tankless Water Heater Making Noise: What Can Be the Problem?

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Tankless water heaters are something necessary if you are living in a four-season country. You will get the most of it during winter: a hot bath will surely make your frozen self ‘melts’ and function like it should. However, what if your tankless water heater making noise? Is it an indicator that you need to call a plumber as soon as possible? Let’s discuss about it.

Not All Tankless Water Heater Making Noise Needs a Plumber: Here’s Why

Well, again—not all tankless water that emerges noises means a call to your plumber. To play it safe, you need to call your plumber, but not soon. Why so?

It is because every type of sounds has its own cause and not all noises require a quick fix. According to sources, listed below are types of noises which you may have heard from your water heater.

Humming noise

This means there is a loose element inside the water heater. Although it does not mean you need to call a plumber for an emergency fix, which will be better to have it fixed soon to avoid bigger problem. If you think you can find and fix the loose element, simply go for it. You’ll feel proud of yourself!

Hissing noise

Frequent hiss from your cat will help you to indicate the noise your water heater makes as a hissing noise. Leaks are typically causing this type of noise, which will be a good idea if you call a plumber. Even you may end up replacing your water heater if your plumber assesses it ‘too old’.


Hammering noise

There is a simple resolution for this problem: installing a water hammer arrestor. Typically, it is caused by a or some pipes being not securely fastened. It is not yet a time to replace your water heater, yet a call to your plumber can fix the problem you have in no time. A fix by your plumber would be the wisest answer to have, before the problem gets trickier to handle.


Screeching noise

If your tankless water heater making noise like a screech, most of the time it means there is a small opening pushed by high pressure water. The main spot to check would be the valves. Locate the noise simply by listening to it carefully.


Typically, you can find this ‘problematic’ valve at the water heater itself or in closer to the output places. Valve replacement would in general fix the problem, yet you can consider calling the professional if you are thinking locating the noise itself is not your expertise.


Ticking noise

Ticking noise is generally found in the check valves or in heat traps. Water cooling and heating too can cause this kind of noises. Although some house owners may see this as something disturbing, when not happening frequently it is not indicative for any real problem.


But still, it does not mean it is not fixable. Replacing the heat trap with dielectric nipple can help to reduce the frequency of the noises. However, keep in mind that the noise may still be audible.

So, those are five noise types, its cause, and what to do when you have that on your tankless water heater. Which one of those mentioned noises found when your tankless water heater making noise?