How to Apply Flex Seal for Roof Leaks

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Can you use Flex Seal for roof leaks? Simply said, Flex Seal can be the greatest option you can choose if you are searching for a quick solution for leaking roof. However, why this product is so recommended by many? Plus, how is to apply this product to the leaking roof? Find out the explanation in this article below.

Using Flex Seal for Roof Leaks: Why and How?

You may have tried to find solutions for your leaking roof. Calling a professional can be one of your considerations, but isn’t it too spendthrift if you can do it yourself?

Well, calling a pro is OK if you have no time to fix the leaks. Or, you simply cannot do it because of many things only you know. But if you are open to learn something new, don’t hesitate to take your free time to fix the leaks by using Flex Seal.

Flex Seal is an aerosol which contains liquid rubber. This product works perfectly to fix leaks through ‘seep and seal’ mechanism, which eventually speaks itself as a great product to use if you are having a bad day with dripping water from your roof.

With this product, you can save many resources: time, money, and energy. No more days to spend just to fix those pesky leaks. No more hiring someone just to fix one or two sources of leaks. No more wasting so much energy on your off day just to install a new roof. With this spray, you can get many things all at once.

You can also shoo away the thoughts to install a new overall-roof simply by applying Flex Seal for roof leaks. By doing this, you can cut the average cost of $6,000. You better allocate that sums of money for something more fun after fixing the roof leaks.

How to Apply Flex Seal for Roof Leaks

Find out below how to apply this sealing for your leaking roofs. It’s so simple!

Finding the leaks

The first thing to do is, indeed, to find where the leaks start. You cannot simply point here or there: make it exact. You can only proceed if you have found the leak source. It’s best to find for help, especially if there are many leak sources that you can’t remember its locations.


Clean the exact area

Before sealing, another must-do step is to clean the leaking area from any debris; including dusts, leaves, and even shingles. That said, make sure to prepare new shingle(s) if you have torn it apart while cleaning it. You can even clean it with water for better results—just keep in mind to let it dry so there won’t be any mold targeting.


Prepare your Flex Seal

Now it’s time to prepare your magical product: Flex Seal. Before using it, ensure that the can has been shaken well. According to sources, it’d be best to shake it for a minimum 10 seconds before spraying it onto the surface.


Apply the spray product

After shaking the product, you can now spray it onto the leaks. Keep in mind that you need to spray it even to the affected area with a sweeping motion. Repeat for three or four sweeps depending to the size of the leaks.

You can also consider re-applying Flex Seal for roof leaks. Just make sure you are applying it after ensuring the initial layer has dried fully. You can wait 12-24 hours for best drying session before applying a new layer.