Coleman 6250 Generator Specs and Features as a Portable Generator

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Coleman, also known as Powermate, is one of the most renowned brands in the industry of power equipment and generators. Over their four decades of experience, it has offered a lengthy list of products that are built and designed to satisfy the needs of customers. One of the products under their name is the Powermate 6350 or the PM435005. Find out about the Coleman 6250 generator specs below.

Specification Details of the PM435005

Here are the list of Coleman 6250 generator specs in different aspects and components:

  • Portability

The PM435005 dimensions are measured at 29” x 21” x 25” and has a weight of 162 pounds. Calculating all the other components, it can total up to 210 pounds. This means that the model is not lightweight enough to be moved, especially by one person only. However, the item also comes with wheel kits that will make the mobility purpose easier.


  • Power

The Coleman 6250 is capable to produce 6250W of surging power and 5000W of constant power. It doesn’t have electronic starting method, so you have to use recoil to operate the unit. The portable generator is equipped with 0.28L Subaru EX30 gasoline powertrain that’s capable of yielding 10 horsepower at maximum. The engine is not exactly the largest in its class, but it offers less noise and sufficient function while being small.

  • Outlets

The unit has its control panels positioned on its side. The plug configuration of the PM0435005 is actually really basic, with one 2400W 120V twist lock outlet and two duplex 120V outlets.


  • Features

The fuel tank capacity of the Coleman 6250 comes at 8 gallons. It can support 14.4 hours of operation at a half load capacity. This tank is considered larger compared to other models in its segment, thus allows you to run the unit for more extensive period without having to fill the tank very frequently. Moreover, if you use the power moderately, it is capable to become a highly efficient and reliable generator. The noise level of this Subaru-powered engine is measured at 72.4 DbA.


Some additional features of the PM435005 is low-oil automatic shutdown that provides engine protection, automatic voltage control to prevent voltage swing, and wheel kits along with the handles. There’s also a cord keeper that avoid loosely pulled power cords.


  • Care, maintenance, and warranty

The oil change maintenance is typical for the unit, you need to refer to the manual for further details. The Powermate 6250 comes with three year of limited warranty for individual customers and 1 year of limited warranty for commercial customers.

As it is able to produce continuous power of 5,000 watts, the portable generator is very powerful and capable if you need it to support power in times of power outages for home essential appliances. The Coleman 6250 generator specs above also show that it is reliable enough to be used as backup source of power or as a portable generator in case you want to get a vacation in a cabin or camping outside for nights, as long as your power needs are still in moderate range.