How Long Does a Metal Roof Last to Use?

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Currently, making the roof of the house does not only require tiles in its manufacture. However, it has switched to using materials such as zinc or other metals to make roofs. The question that people have been asking all along is how long do metal roofs last?

This question will be answered in this article, so make sure you pay attention to it. Read until the end so you can consider whether the roof you have should be made of metal or use tiles in general. So if you know the durability and advantages offered by metal roofing, then you can decide which roof you should choose. Here is a brief explanation for you.

Metal Roof Resistance for Your Roof Choice

Basically, the resistance of this metal roof adjusts to the place and temperature in the surrounding environment. In addition, the use of metal roofing can last a long time depending on the choice of materials used. So if you want to get a roof that lasts a long time then you have to look for the best metal material. Here is a brief explanation for you.

1. Duration of Metal Roofing According to the Environment

It has been briefly explained to you if you ask “how long does metal roofs last?” then the answer is to adjust the environmental conditions. Why should you adapt to environmental conditions? Because it is associated with the nature of metals that can be corrosive. So you can predict, if you use a metal roof in the right environment, it can have a very long period of time to last. Here’s how long it lasts.

a. For mountainous or rural areas, metal or mild steel roofs can be claimed to last up to 100 years of use.

b. If the metal roof is used on the beach with a distance of about 200 meters from the coast, it can last only about 28 years.

c. If you are in the marine industry, then metal roofs only have a lifespan of about 18 years.

d. If it is very close to the beach (has a distance of 0-50 meters from the beach, then the age of the metal roof only lasts for a short time of about 2.8 years.

So that it is certain that the closer you are to the beach, the shorter the lifespan of this metal or light steel roof. This is because the humidity in the coastal area and the presence of saltwater on the beach can cause corrosion of metal roofs. So the most suitable solution for the use of metal roofing is to use it far from the coast to get a long life of metal roofing.

2. The Life of Metal Roofing Can Be Extended?

Unfortunately, the use of metal roofs cannot be extended. It’s just that if you really want to use a metal roof, then choose a metal roof that has fairly good material. This will make your metal roof durable. It is definitely not recommended on the coast to use metal roofing because it can result in its use very quickly.

The recommendation for a steel roof that can last a long time with very good material is to use Zinium. This steel roof is a steel roof that has the best quality so it is recommended for those of you who want to use mild steel as the roof of your building.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Metal Roofs

Of course, knowing the durability of a metal roof is incomplete without knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this part of the building. Therefore, here is the explanation for you.

1. Advantages of Metal Roofing

There are several advantages that you should understand as follows,

a. Its life is quite long, at least it saves you not to replace the roof for the next 20-50 years if you use a metal roof.

b. The modern model can be used for any home style.

c. Resistant to wind and fire so it’s safer

d. Save energy because metal roofing can provide cool air to the house that uses it.

e. Gives a classic impression to a house that uses a metal roof.

f. The lightweight makes the structure of the building to withstand the load not too large. So that it can preserve the integrity of the house.

You can get this advantage if you use a suitable metal roof and of course, many contractors recommend it.

2. Disadvantages of Metal Roofs

Of course, there are disadvantages that metal roofs have as follows,

a. Vulnerable to pressure. So if there is an incident such as a fallen tree, it can change the shape of the roof if it is hit by a tree.

b. Any extension or contraction of metal roofing can make the roof less resistant to corrosion.

c. Colors fade faster.

Thus the answer to the question of how long a metal roof lasts and the advantages and disadvantages discussed for your consideration.