Advantages of Using Torch Down Roofing

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If you choose a roof, make sure in advance what you want from a roof. Do you want yourself to be perfectly protected? Or do you want to have a roof that can protect you while providing a sense of coolness and comfort? Or do you want a waterproof roof? All of that you can consider if you understand what you want.

If you want a roof that is resistant to weather, it is recommended that you use a torch down roofing. This one roof has specifications that are suitable for the roof of the building you have. Currently, its use is not only for commercial buildings but can be used for residential buildings. If you want to know more about it, here are the advantages.

Advantages of Using Torch Down Roofing for Buildings

What is torch down roofing? Torch Roofing is one type of roof using a membrane as a layer in the use of the roof. Usually, the coating used is modified bitumen, synthetic rubber, or PVC. This membrane roof or torch roofing actually has a function so that water can slide freely and fall to the ground. The following are the advantages if you want to install this one model.

1. Weather Resistant

This membrane roof has the ability to withstand weather. Because the main function itself is waterproof, this roof is very easy to protect you against erratic weather. In addition, what makes this roof resistant to weather is that it can reflect ultraviolet light.

Then what makes this roof weather resistant is that it doesn’t need a connection so that it makes this roof resistant to what is called a leak. So that in rainy weather, this roof can prevent you from getting wet because of the rain. In addition, this roof has fairly long durability, which is about 20 years.

2. Easy to renovate

By using materials such as modified bitumen or currently there are models using synthetic rubber or PVC, making this model roof easier to renovate. If, for example, there is a leak, it can usually be found immediately because it means that there is an incorrect connection.

However, the weakness of the membrane roof using asphalt is that it needs to be given a ballast so that if there is damage it needs to be patched by re-coating. But that doesn’t prevent it from being very easy to fix. Meanwhile, if you use other materials, it is easier to repair.

3. Save Cost

Of course, if it is easy to renovate, the installation torch down roofing cost will be more efficient. In addition, because this material can be found anywhere, you can easily choose the material. If you use asphalt type because it has a strong material and can last a long time, then you only need to add gravel as an addition to strengthen the torch roofing.

But if you use a type of membrane roof made of rubber or PVC, then you can install it right away. So you don’t have to worry about having trouble finding materials. You just choose and install it in your building.

Thus a brief discussion about torch down roofing or membrane roofing. The choice of membrane material is adjusted to the needs of the building you currently have. If you feel it is in accordance with what you want, don’t forget to immediately install the membrane for your roof.